Martial Arts

We have training programs for students starting as early as three years of age. Grandmaster Robert “Bruce” Ewing developed his Martial Arts program from his many years of military experience as a hand-to-hand combat instructor and studying martial arts from various systems and instructors

Our Martial Arts concept is based off of Traditional Taekwondo which incorporates traditional training values and complete training in stand-up, ground and restricted space strategies.

Grandmaster Robert Ewing demonstrates form and flexibility


Our fitness program consists of cardio, kickboxing, CrossFit, military-style stationary drills and Shim-Shin Taichi. The program was developed by Grandmaster Ewing, a former military tactical training officer and master fitness instructor for many years.

Personal Protection

The Habu Ewing Personal Protection program consists of Person defense, VIP defense, Home defense, Property defense, Away-from-Home defense, Work site defense and Defense For Ladies.

Executive Protection and Private Security

We provide security, safety and protection for individuals, properties, homes, work sites and events. Our goal is to protect as well as reassuring others that they, their families, friends, properties , clients, and customers are safe, secured and well protected.

Why Choose Habu Ewing Martial Arts and Fitness Academy?

Habu Ewing is a company that has built its training on the needs and requests of its clients. We are continuously building our training philosophy and concepts based off of the feedback of our clients.

Our clients like us because we listen to them and build training programs that are group oriented as well as individually tailored.

Our primary objective is making the weak stronger and the strong more respectfully

Our training programs have proven results. Our kids are less likely to be targets of bullies. Our youth have become better in the classroom and others sports and our adults have shown significant improvement in overall health.

Our devotion and dedication have earned us respect in the community and invitations around the nation to demonstrate our programs.

Habu Ewing Total Body Fitness

Whether you come to the studio or choose to workout in your own home, you can benefit from Habu Ewing Total Body Fitness Training sessions.