Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What style of martial arts do you teach?

Habu Ewing Martial Arts and Fitness Academy traces its linage through Traditional Taekwondo via International Taekwondo Federation.

What is your martial arts training concept?

Our concept is to empower the student to be an all-around fighting machine. We teach stand-up, restricted area and ground defense. We want our students to be well-prepared for various situations.

What credentials do you and your staff have?

Our staff has National and international credentials and experiences. You can see some of those credentials and experiences in their highlighted bios.

What is the cost?

To get a better understanding of the current training posts and possible discounts, it is best to contact the academy via our “contact us” e-form.

Do you have contracts?

Currently, we do not have contracts. We understand that students can change their minds at any moment for many reasons and we know how contracts can cause anxiety to some. Our goal is that we want to work every day to win your respect and trust so that you will continue coming back to train with us without the influence of a contract. We want our training and customer service to be what drives us, not a contract.

Do you have any introductory classes so that a decision can be made whether to enroll at your academy?

Yes, currently we have one week free introductory classes for all programs except for personal defense seminars. We want you to meet us, our staff, our studio and the parents of our current students. We want you to be able to ask the current students and parents why they chose us and continue to believe in us. Instructors and staff can always say how great we are, but best assessments are from the students and parents.

Do you have additional expenses beyond training fees such as enrollment fees, testing fees, insurance fees, administrative fees, additional class fees and uniform fees?

Currently, our monthly training fees quoted to you remain in effect until student moves into a different age group bracket. We do have uniform fees and safety gear fees, which will be discuss upon enrollment. As for testing, administrative, insurance, enrollment and additional training fees, we do not have such. Our students do not pay for testing until they test for black belt. All tests up to that point are part of their training fees. Our studio is insured and is covered by the studio. One of our goals is to make training at our studio, affordable to as many people as possible.

How does one sign up?

You enroll by visiting the studio, taking the introductory class and then making a decision to enroll with us and on which training days.

What does "Habu" stand for?

The title Habu was original given to the famous Okinawa snake and the US Air Force SF-71 fighter Jet. The Habu snake resided in the southern part of Okinawa and was known for its aggressiveness and never losing a fight to the mongoose which resided in the  Northern part of Okinawa. The fighter Jet was nicknamed Habu because of its quickness and superiority in battle. 

There was a martial arts fighting team started in the early 1980s by a couple of airmen in Okinawa, Japan. They elected to use the title Okinawa Habu Karate Team because the team was just that awesome. 

The team went over five years and never lost a fight. Bruce Ewing was the first and only member of the team to compete that was not a black belt. 

Bruce kept the name Habu, in honor of those who saw something in him that inspired him to be what he is today.