Robert “Bruce” Ewing

Robert is a retired military veteran. During his military career, he served in the USMC, Army National Guard and on Active Duty with the US Army. He was a combat engineer officer, Weapons specialist, logistics and transportation officer, Japanese Translator and tactical training officer. He has almost five decades of martial arts experience. He trained in Japan and competed in the Far East.

He is a certified 8th Dan Black Belt with international recognition and credentials.

He holds national credentials in fitness and personal defense. He is a certified NRA firearm and defense instructor.

He has a graduate degree in counseling. He was an associate professor of military science and leadership from 2002 – 2013.

He founded Habu Ewing Martial Arts in August 1985 in Lake St Louis, Missouri.

He started Habu Ewing Executive Protection and Private Security Company in March 2017.