Wendy Grijalva

Wendy Grijalva’s passion for martial arts and fitness has been significant in her life journey.

Her passion led her to enroll in an on-campus Self-Defense course which was held at Victor Valley College in Apple Valley, California. From that class, her love and dedication for martial arts and fitness began to blossom.

She furthers her martial arts and fitness training under the tutelage of Grandmaster Robert “Bruce” Ewing.

Wendy is certified as a youth marital arts instructor, primary personal defense coach, and an individual and group fitness coach for Habu Ewing Martial Arts and Fitness Academy.

She has developed several personal defense strategies for our youth and adult classes. She has designed and implemented several fitness routines which have helped many of our students and clients. Wendy puts it best, martial arts and fitness gave her passion and saved her life.